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Flipboard feature: Scientist, Musician, Magmaker

flipbaordFlipboard is my favourite app discovery of 2013. To be honest, I’ve spent more time on Candy Crush but can’t claim that has been a greatly enriching experience!. Flipboard, however, has been both useful and enjoyable. Basically it allows me to access and collect information from across the web and store it in a visually appealing magazine format, incredibly quickly and easily. I ‘subscribe’ to several online streams and magazines made by other flipboard users. I’ve also ‘created’ a number of private and public magazines (created – simply means I ‘flip’ online articles and links under a specific title – it takes a few minutes to ‘create’ a magazine).

I first started using Flipboard to store information about my upcoming album ‘Can’t Clip My Wings’ that I needed to be accessible to other people involved. I then started storing posts about medical and genetic advances that I wanted to be able to look at again. This magazine ‘Modern Medicine’ has proved quite popular with other Flipboard users with >1400 people now subscribing to it. This has made me feel a little more inclined to keep it uptodate, which I suppose is no bad thing! My third public magazine, ‘Inspiring Women’ is my own favourite. The tagline is ‘Women that inspire for anyone in need of inspiration’ and in it I collect posts about remarkable women from any walk of life who are making things happen. You can look any of these magazines here.

Then, rather amazingly, amongst the 5 million user magazines Flipboard chose my ‘Modern Medicine’ magazine as one of the 75 magazines they loved most and did an article about me, which you can read here.

The other Flipboard MagsWeLove2013 are here.

As you can tell, I’m Flipboard fan, and recommend it to you all as a fun, useful, beautiful way of reading online.

WIRED 2013 conference

Wired2013I had the privilege of speaking at the WIRED 2013 conference at Tobacco Dock in London today. This is a two-day event celebrating the ‘ideas, innovations and people reshaping our world’. A range of diverse speakers each speak for 15 minutes. It was very different from the usual scientific conferences I speak at!. I found it refreshing and inspiring to hear people from such diverse areas and to have to ‘perform’ outside my normal comfort zone. I was talking about the huge potential of information in our genes to help in cancer treatment and prevention. I hope I was able to communicate the scale of progress and potential as well as the enormity of the task of making sense of the 3 billion letters in the DNA code held in our cells. If you would like to hear it, my talk is available on YouTube here.

Double X Science Interview

double xI was interviewed this week by website Double X Science, an online science magazine for women, about my work in cancer genetics and my “coming out” as a singer-songwriter.

You can read the interview here.


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